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Wild Burros of...
Wild Burros of
Added By: Blue
Added On: 03/30/15

Earth Hour 2015...
Earth Hour 2015 Official...
Added By: Muffy
Added On: 03/28/15

Nopale Ensalada...
Nopale Ensalada (cactus...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 03/26/15

623Life recommends that you always call to confirm library events. It saves time, saves gasoline and helps keep everyone's stress level down. Take the opportunity to call to ask questions,...

By: Blue | Posted On 03/30/2015 09:45:00

Join Earth Hour 2015! When:   03/28/2015 at 08:30 pm Where: Worldwide  Earth Hour is approaching! Here's your chance to take an hour and make a HUGE statement! ...

By: Muffy | Posted On 03/28/2015 14:23:19

The Anniversary of the Peralta Claim! It was on Tuesday, March 27, 1883, Mr. James Addison Reavis filed a claim in the office of the Surveyor General in Tucson to the “Peralta Grant.”  The...

By: Blue | Posted On 03/26/2015 16:10:30

Taming your Electric Bill this Summer   Getting a shock every time you open up your electric bill?  Zap it!    Here are some ideas to help keep you cool AND save you some...

By: susanp | Posted On 03/24/2015 19:04:04

Join the Historic Cemetery Spring Clean-up in Avondale! It's time for our Historic Cemetery Spring Clean-up Event is set for Saturday, March 28, 2015,  Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery (also...

By: Blue | Posted On 03/22/2015 19:55:56

Female, 67 years old
United States
We specialize in cutting...
Female, 31 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
Call us! Let’s begin to...
Female, 41 years old
Surprise, Arizona
United States
Your Hometown Experts....
Male, 44 years old
Buckeye, Arizona
United States
For Full Service Fire...
Female, 46 years old
Goodyear, Arizona
United States
“Never Trust a Skinny...
Male, 42 years old
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Change Your Coffee. Change...
Female, 58 years old
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Join Us for Our 45th...
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Surprise, Arizona
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DIY Resource Center for...
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Peoria, Arizona
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Paint with the artist with...
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Surprise, Arizona
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