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Arizona Christmas
Arizona Christmas (Sony...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 12/02/16

Arizona Christmas...
Arizona Christmas Dave...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 12/02/16

3 Hours of...
Published on 15 Oct 2016...
Added By: Blue
Added On: 12/02/16

Remember Llamas for the Holidays with Llama Treats! I send you holiday greetings from Arizona, home of the runaway llamas!  And, the home of an increasing number of llama lovers.  My husband and...

By: susanp | Posted On 12/02/2016 22:28:09

Aren’t We All Indigenous?   I don’t mean to be disrespectful.    But, aren’t we all Indigenous, from somewhere or at least partially even if we don’t acknowledge it? What...

By: turquoise | Posted On 11/30/2016 17:18:18

Notes from the Desert Floor:  Rolling Down the Rincon   When next we visit our son in San Francisco, we will most likely make it a road trip.  It will be a slow and leisurely trip with...

By: Blue | Posted On 11/27/2016 13:20:43

So, I was thinking...What about Lunch? After finding out that dinner reportedly was originally the first meal of the day and breakfast coming from Break (the) Fast, I was curious about the origin of Lunch....

By: susanp | Posted On 11/26/2016 19:50:22

Happy Birthday Apache Junction So, on November 24th, in 1978, Apache Junction was incorporated. So, GO Apache Junction! Congratulations all round to this city of about 36,000 plus people. Apache...

By: Blue | Posted On 11/24/2016 22:53:24

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Phoenix, Arizona
United States
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Join Us for Our 45th...
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Surprise, Arizona
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Your Hometown Experts....
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Buckeye, Arizona
United States
Greg James @ Playing Music...
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Surprise, Arizona
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